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Justice, Equity,  Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

I get it.  You keep having the same conversations.  You've been to equity workshops.   You truly appreciate the value of a talented and diverse workforce, but your company isn't there yet.  You're doing "all the right things." But you aren't getting results.  Or worse, you're experiencing the churn... skilled new hires come on board but don't stay long. Your team's creativity and productivity have hit a plateau.  


You envision your company as a place where inclusion is embraced... where people are excited and willing to show up...

     as their best selves... 

          bringing their best ideas...

               doing their best work...  FREELY.


I can help.  Together we can eliminate the unproductive habits and behaviors that impede results.  Better yet, we'll replace them with new perspectives and ways of operating.


Equity, diversity and inclusion work is challenging. I won't lie. It won't be easy, but with me, you won't be abandoned.  The change that is possible is absolutely WORTH IT!








Cultural Assessment

Recognize the existing barriers to building a diverse and inclusive teams and discover the process to move beyond them.

Workshops & Training


Equip your team with proven practices to facilitate authentic connection across differences, effectively manage conflict and improve performance.

Executive Coaching


Hone your effectiveness as an inclusive leader utilizing language, and tools to work collaboratively in building a multi-cultural, inclusive organization.

Melia's work on our recent board retreat was phenomenal- her session design and facilitation were thoughtful, responsive, heart-felt, and deeply grounded in activating the goals we set together. I had a wonderful experience working with her and very much hope to do so again! 

-Xanthia Walker

Co-Founder, Artistic Director at Rising Youth Theatre

Having a coach is like having a lead runner in a marathon that helps you keep pace and exceed your goals. Melia is an intellectual with a big heart and the compassion that will help you reach or exceed your goals while helping you find balance in life. 

-Andrew Murdoch

Business Owner

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