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Preview 7-part series: Anti-racist: Bike rider

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I'm seeing a lot of white folks who are stirred into action, who are actively getting on the learning path from "non-racist" to anti-racist. THAT IS AWESOME - that path has enough space for us all!

Just like going from Non-Bike Rider to Mountain Bike Rider, it doesn't happen magically overnight. As you learn you gain confidence, competence and even comfort. It can be harmful (for yourself and others) if you go too fast or misjudge your abilities. When we fall, we focus on healing and then get back to it.

I'm still playing with this metaphor and scribbling some ideas. And so I'm making the pledge here. Everyday for the next week, I will write a post about my own learning journey toward anti-racism and a resource to consider exploring for yourself . So....see ya tomorrow!

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