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As the leadership of your organization, you bring your heart and soul to the work.  Previous equity, diversity and inclusion efforts have stalled, fallen flat or come up against significant resistance.  You remain committed to transforming your organizational culture, but don't know how to move ahead.  In our collaboration, we will assess your organizational culture and determine immediate, short-. medium and long-term steps to build 21st-century culture where talented professionals of all walks of life know their voices matter and their talents will be maximized for good.

Strategic Planning / Inclusion Practices / Hiring, Policy and Culture



A key element of equity, diversity and inclusion work is INCLUDING your people.  Effective transformation happens from the inside-out. Based on your team's needs, customized training can be delivered live or through virtual workshops. Equip your team with the tools and skills to integrate socially just practices into every level of your organization.

Inclusion Practitioner Training / Interrupting Microaggressions / Goal Setting and Action Planning




You attend the marches.  You volunteer with a local non-profit.  You share social justice-based articles in your social media.  And yet it doesn't feel like enough.  You're still looking for how to be the change you want to see.  I get it!  

Bring your talent and passions.  I'll bring my strategies and experience.

Together we'll uncover all the possible paths and determine the options that lead to your truth.

And if you're thinking, "but I don't even know where I'm headed!" Don't worry - we'll figure that out too!

Introductory calls are always free of charge! 

Self-Care / Navigating Conflicts / Personal Action Planning 


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